Baroque The Streets


Directing, Editing



Ingrid Beazley and Street Art London


To direct a 20 minute documentary about a street art festival in East Dulwich, London – which had challenged street artists from around the world to re-interpret classic paintings from The Dulwich Picture Gallery onto the streets of East Dulwich.


I co-directed a two camera shoot, which recorded, fly on the wall style, the growing popularity and execution of the ‘idea’ over the two weeks prior to the Arts Festival and during its launch. The footage was then intercut with interviews by the key artists and organisers and edited in a contemporary style with traditional and modern music spliced together – to reinforce the concept of fusing two seemingly clashing styles together to change opinions and create something new.


An engaging and popular documentary that was extremely well received online, as well as during the festival itself. The documentary is currently under option to be developed into a television series.